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 fusion project salvador da bahia

Break through the borders in one time and space, with a common horizon, interacting spirits in an alternative vision of realities...

fusion project salvador da bahia

Organization of the ARTISTIC/CULTURAL SPACE:

a) Construction of instruments

b) Events organization

c) Network of partnerships


a) Creation and construction of instruments

Nicolás Rafael Severin Larraín

Recognize the richness that nature gives us regarding the possibilities of creating musical instruments.

How many sounds and noises can be created with simple objects that are unprocessed?

Particular attention is given to the creation of percussion instruments. Once you created the instrument you need to be able to learn from it and explore the different possibilities it offers.

b) Events organization

Alfredo Befera:

Teatro Rave!
Promotion of different styles of art-expression.

Offering to young artists, coming from abroad and from local area (specially favela), the possibility to show their work, which could be visual, musical and theatrical…

Get people involved in the show, offering possibility to the public to interact with the performers, becoming performers themselves.

Improvise bands and groups in which we realize the fusion between ancestral-ethnic music and the urban electronic bass vibes

DJ and VJ workshop in the Favela (in association with Apompaz ONG) 
Yeah man! We are going to the favela to play loud electronic music!

How to use the equipment and the software to organize and to improvise young Djs and Vjs live sets from the favela, directly into the favela.

Special attention is going to be given to the analysis of the urban electronic bass.





Flore Judet:

Treatment of different themes, using digital and analogical techniques, from the moment the picture is taken to the moment it appears on paper.

Setting up a studio offering a real autonomy on the analogical photography.

Each human being has his own point of view! We want to promote the unique way of seeing the world that everyone bears. Everyone can be a photographer just moved by passion?

Organization of exhibitions and promotion of interactions with other artists in the city of Salvador. 





Átila Araujo Soares:

Free class
Opening of a space, like a classroom, for the promotion of free interactions, of different teachers, educators and specialists in different areas.

Promotion of reading
Encouraging reading through urban interactions, to open the "appetite" for reading in all classes, showing the importance of reading in personal life, social and culture.


Bruno Pereira Silva:

Café Philo’
Opening a space offering books, films, and other material to get to think and get awareness about the “Zeitgeist”, the spirit of time.

Organization of philosophical and sociological debate in order to develop personal and common opinion with particular reference to the research of Deleuze and Felix Guatari about post-modernism and molecular revolution.

Tiago Adrade:

Developing of ethno-botanic culture, referring the experience of the ethno-botanic world to a strengthening of the magical residues in humans being today rather than seeking for an individual mystical religious perfection…

How to switch from individual experience towards the rituals of the group: we promote the “schizophrenic” types rather then the post-modern android self-programmed human type.




c) Network of partnerships



Permaculture & Art
Creation of a cultural interaction between the Fusion project  and the NGO “Pura Vida”, located in rural areas of the State of Bahia (Itacare’) working with permacultura and cultural events in a relationship of respect and learning.





NGO Apompaz:

Interactions with institutions and organizations having ideals and common goals in the city of Salvador in a dynamic partnership (like for example, the ONG Apompaz, located in a poor district of Salvador, bairro da Paz).

Promote an exchange program between western culture volunteers, who can offer their services directly into the favela (otherwise very difficult to access) and local Brazilian artists who can have the chance to get out from the favela and show their artwork into the Cultural Center Fusão that operates in the historical center of Salvador (easy for visitors to access).

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