Rhythm of enjoyment in Salvador da Bahia

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Latin rhythm in Salvador da Bahia!
The classical rhythm of the latin sweet dissolution lifestyle is made of several fazes: you must get up late. Go to the beach from 13.00am till 5pm, then you need a good rest, because the heat puts down your bloody pressure. After you have to get your "aperitivo" (prosecco wine or martini with the company of finger food). Big dinner about 8pm, do attend hopping areas about 9pm to perform the "struscio" (young people walking slowly up and down in the main square in order to hunt). Make up your mind about the events of the night and finally get the best club about 12pm.

The largest Afro Brazilian community in Brazil.
This rhythm is typical of any latin city in the world where there is a middle class so that Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro don't make an exception, but don't forget that Salvador da Bahia is not as rich as Rio or Sao Paulo and it has the largest Afro-Brazilian community in Brazil thereafter it goes to another rhythm. In Salvador the middle class elite hedonistic rituals are overcome by a more enjoyable popular culture: as only the rich elite goes properly for clubbing the majority of the people prefers live music shows or improvises street party or simply stays in some hopping areas drinking and eating till late.

Change rhythm!!!
Open yourself to new paths of enjoyment: leave the beach earlier, go to the popular markets and shops that close at 6pm (shopping centres close at 9pm instead). Make yourself a funky free-spirited traveller and you will see how in these places you can feel yourself quickly in harmony. Asking information about the night has been always a good way to start a conversation. Have light food, eat less but more frequently. Eating in the street makes you stay in touch with the rhythm of this city. Eating at the restaurant means making people stiffer. There is much less erotic electricity in the air than a street full of people. You don't need always to find the restaurant for the "big meal", there are many popular bars offering simple but healthy food.. At this point you can play a different game: you will arrive on the scene earlier than the typical "caca-gringo" (Brazilians who used to take advantage on tourists). You will be the hunter and not the prey anymore: Tuesday afternoon, about 6pm, Pelourinho: you will be in touch with a younger crowd, less interested to your money and maybe a bit shy because the cultural gap...But that's why we travel! That's way they stay there...

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